‘Wild beauty wandering’ shoot

November 2, 2017

We often count ourselves incredibly blessed here at LMFD to be surrounded by such beautiful countryside here in Yorkshire. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings and whether its the romantic affiliation to Bronte novels, or just the sheer feeling of awe we have when step back and admire just how breathtaking the Yorkshire Moors are, having the opportunity to design florals for this shoot really was a time to showcase our complete love and constant respect for this beautiful part of the country.

There was something so freeing about designing with the raw, natural, untouched and powerful beauty of the Moors in mind. The contrast of the delicate, fragile and subdued florals we used on this shoot, against the heathery, strong splendour of the location gave the subtle mixture of wildness and romance.

The shoot felt reminiscent of times gone by. These images really could have been from any era and felt so elegant, etherial and timeless. Georgina Harrison photographed the day to perfection and Rosy Apple Events expertise in styling the day and bringing all the creative minds together was wonderful.


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